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Monday, December 22nd, 2014

scroll down for our inventory of TVR's
Wirewheel.com has sold more TVR's than anyone else in North America for the past 5 years.

 1989 TVR Tuscan Challenge race car 

For more information please contact us .

TVR was established in 1947 by Trevor Wilkinson, the name 'TVR' being derived from his first name. The first cars were 'specials' using the drivelines from production cars, tuned and installed in a lightweight TVR chassis with minimal bodywork to maximize the agility and power-to-weight ratio. Agility and maximum power-to-weight remain TVR virtues to this day.

At www.wirewheel.com we are specialists in TVR's and always try to have several in stock. We also carry some used parts and a few new parts such as new rear windows fro pre 1980 TVRs.  Please visit our parts section to see what we have.

Do you have a fun photo of you and your car from www.wirewheel.com ?

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